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Alvarez, Thompson & Smoak, P.A.  is a renowned law firm based in Florida that assembles proficient teams of attorneys committed to upholding the highest standards of legal practice. Our attorneys work in close collaboration with clients, fostering enduring relationships founded on trust, loyalty, and respect, while prioritizing their unique needs and concerns. Our ultimate goal is to create a positive and rewarding experience for our clients.

With a deep understanding of the local and national legal landscape, Alvarez, Thompson & Smoak, P.A. attorneys offer skilled, efficient, and assertive representation to individuals and businesses in Florida.

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Every industry faces unique challenges, especially when facing uncertainties in the Florida court system.  We recognize how the media has portrayed Florida’s system of justice.  We have been protecting our clients’ legal rights in Florida for years and know how to get the best results for our clients in a Florida courtroom.  Alvarez, Thompson & Smoak, P.A. attorneys inspire confidence as they help clients in the following areas of legal practice.

Trucking & transportation

Our lawyers are very experienced in the defense of the commercial transportation industry and we have significant litigation and trial experience within the transportation arena

Premises Liability / Negligent Security

We provide aggressive legal representation to defend property owners or lessees when accidents and incidents occur

A&W Mediation Services

Costly litigation and lengthy trials have led way to a new trend in the legal system that favors Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), or mediation


Florida has something of a ‘Wild West’ reputation when it comes to litigation. Protecting our clients and navigating our unique Florida court system are what we do best

Property & Casualty

Defending Property & Casualty claims is a challenge given the fact that in Florida not only the weather, but the land beneath us is always changing.

Commercial & Business

Florida’s business leaders deserve realistic solutions that meet their overall business plans. When faced with complex negotiations and decisions

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What do you want in your Florida lawyer? Expertise? Integrity? Tenacity? Familiarity with Florida law and its court system? At Alvarez, Thompson & Smoak, P.A., we’re all of those.

Our attorneys have a combination of attributes that make our firm what it is, who we are, and what we stand for. Our goal is to understand and work toward accomplishing the objectives of our clients, providing our best judgment on close calls and tough issues. Our strength derives from an atmosphere in which everyone contributes his or her best talents.

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