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When Raul Alvarez and Griffith Winthrop first decided to pool their talents in 2000, it was with the distinct understanding that clients deserve to have legal counsel they can trust – someone who has their best interests at heart. Alvarez, Thompson & Smoak, P.A. has since grown into a firm that is known for its aggressive protection of clients – both in and out of court.

A Martindale Hubble® AV Rated® law firm, Alvarez, Thompson & Smoak, P.A. assists clients in the areas of general liability, commercial and business law, health care law, real estate law, litigation, and alternative dispute resolution. Unlike many larger law firms with a Florida presence, Alvarez, Thompson & Smoak, P.A.’s attorneys all live in the state and are experienced in helping clients navigate the Florida legal system in both state and federal courts.

Mission statement

At Alvarez, Thompson & Smoak, P.A. our goal is to aggressively but efficiently represent the interests of our clients and advise them on the intricacies and unique subtleties of Florida law.  We strive to successfully guide clients through Florida’s complex, sometimes unpredictable, legal system with passion, integrity and excellence. We are dedicated, aggressive advocates for our clients’ unique legal needs and build upon our reputation as skilled, practiced, and ethical attorneys to exceed expectations and achieve smarter, efficient and more effective results.

What We Are Doing Better

At Alvarez,  Thompson & Smoak, P.A., diversity is considered a valuable asset that enriches our legal services. Our team of attorneys comes from diverse backgrounds and brings a range of life experiences, educational qualifications, and professional expertise to address the complex legal requirements of our clients.

Most of Alvarez, Thompson & Smoak, P.A.’s larger competitors come to Florida from out of state and try to service the needs of their clients from a local satellite office. In many instances, the decisions about that client’s case are made by lawyers who never have practiced in Florida. ATS is native to Florida, having been founded by Florida lawyers.

Alvarez, Thompson & Smoak, P.A. attorneys know Florida law and its lawyers are comfortable navigating through the sometimes treacherous waters found in Florida’s unique and sometimes quirky court system. International clients, both large and small, have come to know ATS as a sophisticated law firm that will always find the most cost-effective solution to their Florida-based legal needs.

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